Monday, October 6, 2008

I need your help!!

This is probably a weird question. Ok, not probably - definitely. :) I have a wedding to attend Saturday (yay, Leigh!), and I have a strapless bridesmaid's dress waiting in the wings. The problem? I could rival Casper in terms of pastiness. Anyone with a suggestion/tip for a good self-tanning product that works quickly and won't leave me looking like a ninny? Not wanting to wear orange stripes as an accessory. ;)



Char said...

Being a fellow rival of casper, I have tried numerous self tanning lotions. But they were streaking and I looked orange. Not pretty. So I tried the salons that offer spray tans. They are about $25-30 but it looks natural! Might be something you want to look into.
Have fun!

The Reese Family said...

Spray tans are great and quick!! They don't streak either. Ask for a spray without a bronzer, you don't want to be too dark.

Becky said...

Looks like the other gals beat me to it, but I was going to suggest a spray-on tan also.
I've never tried one, but my friend did one once and it looked very natural.
Good luck and have fun at the wedding.

KariAnnS said...

Spray tan is the way to go! No streaks! No Oompaloompa!

Stacy said...

I was in the same situation for my friend Crystal's wedding. I opted for a spray-on tan. It was great! The salon was even nice to do some airbrush tanning on my hands and arms to make sure it looked good. I didn't worry about my legs because my dress was floor length. Just be sure to wear some comfy clothes that you don't mind if they get the tan on it. It washes, but just in case, wear something you don't mind if it gets stained. If you want to see some pics, I can send them to you.