Monday, February 16, 2009

Cards, cards, cards!

The Year of Cheer class at Feeling Scrappy wrapped up last week. I was so happy with the number of cards I was able to create based on Stacey's six lovely sketches! I also put together a box to store and organize all of my cards. It is so nice to have a system in place!

I will make a confession, though: when my mom arrived in town to take care of the kiddos during Matt's and my trip to Florida this past weekend, she was so enamored of the cards, I wound up sending all of them home with her! It looks like I'll be consulting the sketches again to create more to rebuild my own stash. :)

One more thing...Don't forget that Sketchapalooza 3 starts exactly two weeks from today on March 2! This class promises to be the best yet, with sketches galore tailored to the suggestions of past students. More photos per sketch + more 2-page sketches = unlimited inspiration. We hope to see all of you there! Click here to sign up for the class.



Jayne said...

Awesome job on your cards! I can see why you mom wanted them :)

Kathie said...

Very lovely cards! They look really great.