Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A huge thank you...and ready for round deux!

I can't thank everyone enough for venturing over to the Scrapbooks, Etc. site to vote for my page this last week. Even though I didn't come out on top, it was so cool to see that so many took the time to help me out. Thank you!

After a very scary, long and bizarre day yesterday (see The Bell Family for the full rundown on that), I was greeted at home with some very exciting news, though: It's time for round two! My page this week, Hands, was chosen to be in the top 10. I am so excited for another shot! So, at the risk of becoming even MORE of a pest, would you mind doing the whole thing over again for me? :) It would mean the world to me!!

Here is the link to the voting.

And here is my page. The challenge here was the lift the cover page of this month's issue of the magazine. I love the feel of this one, since it's such a departure from my typical bold colors and strong embellishments. I made the handprints here by coloring Charlotte's hands with a Color Wonder marker and then stamping them onto the special paper. Much tidier than the paint alternative! (Or than the icing in the photo, for that matter!)

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