Sunday, July 13, 2008


A few culinary signs of summer from our garden. Our tomato plants are loaded with fruit on the verge of being ready for picking, and our herbs are going absolutely bananas. The highlight? BASIL! We dream about it during the cold months, with visions of Caprese salad and pesto dancing through our heads. Ours has never looked as beautiful as it does this year, presumably from the abundance of rain we've had. And Matt tells me I have a black thumb - well, fooey on him! :)

It rained yesterday afternoon well over an inch in under a half hour, which explains the mud spatters on the sides of the pots. And check out the ferns in the background. The one at top left if mine, and the rest are Donnell's that I am "fern sitting" until she gets done with summer school. Aren't they fabulous?

Supper time!

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Stacy said...

Your herb garden is fantastic! I am so jealous!! I am loving the caprese salad as well.