Thursday, April 23, 2009

The cat is out of the bag!

Matt and I went in for our big ultrasound this morning, bound and determined not to find out the baby's sex. Actually, we were really laid back about the whole thing, feeling really comfortable and excited about the prospect of waiting till delivery day for the big news. When we walked in for the appointment, the first words out of my mouth were that we didn't want to know the sex. The tech was very receptive to that, and we got everything started. I looked away every time I even suspected the tech was venturing to an area where I could inadvertently see something I didn't want to, and Matt was really great about it, too. We were so good! The scan went very well, and the baby (just one baby!!) is measuring perfectly and looks very healthy.

I got settled back on the table for the second half of the scan after I was allowed to go potty (ooooh, I had forgotten how miserable those 40 ounces feel on a pregnant bladder!!), and the tech commenced to take a few measurements before she started to go over in more fine detail with us what all we were seeing. It is always such a miracle to see those little hands and fingers, feet and toes, and the little heart already pump-pumping along with arteries and veins reaching from one end of the tiny little body to the other. Life is such a precious gift! Buuut, as the tech was pointing things out to us, instead of saying "the baby's" head, or "its" head, she slipped about 8 times and said the gender-specific adjective! At first we thought it could be a fluke, but it soon became pretty apparent the cat was out of the bag. In spite of the slip-ups, the tech genuinely thought the sex was still a big secret when it was all said and done. (She really was a very nice person!) It is protocol at the clinic to send a detailed report of the ultrasound (which includes the sex of the baby) to the obstetrician, so when the tech handed me the envelope to deliver to him, Matt and I both conceded that to "know" with 99.9% certainty what we are having but not to really know would be pretty silly in the grand scheme of things. So, we looked, and it confirmed our hunch. I am thrilled to announce (although I have to say I am more than a little disappointed that the big reveal is now and not a few months down the road) that Jack and Charlotte will be welcoming a brand-new baby


some time in September! A boy and two girls...what a wild, wild time this is going to be! :)


Jayne said...

Congratulations! I always thought it was nice to have two of the same sex close together incase they need to share a room :)

Tracy Kosofsky said...

Congratulations, Amy!!!!

Stacey said...

Who would have known it would be soo hard to keep it a surprise! Sorry you didn't get to wait to find out but congrats on another girl! :)

Becky said...

Congratulations on a new baby girl. How exciting. I'm sorry you didn't get your wish in not finding out in the delivery room.