Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, baby!

There has been a true baby boom among my group of friends of late, and I am finally getting around to putting together some goodies for all of the new little ones. My sewing machine has been quite handy for this purpose! I can't get enough of making these little onesies and coordinating burp cloths. For the onesies I wanted to go with a shabby chic feel, so I opted to leave the edges unfinished as I sewed the layers together. These are absolutely addicting!

In the process of making these, I discovered the coolest way to use my stamps in a fresh way! There is an ink made by Tsukineko called Versa Craft that is permanent on fabric once it is heat set. I found a couple of my stamps that would be perfect for baby, and voila! A terrific accent for these little jewels.

I love this little elephant! I free-handed the shape on a sheet of chipboard to use as my pattern.

Something girly. :)

Burp cloths using Gerber cloth diapers. These couldn't possibly be easier to make!

They are fully lined on the back, with a little bit of trim along the bottom front edge.

And speaking of babies...we will be leaving for our big ultrasound to get our first peek of baby Tres in just a couple of hours. I would be lying if I said I wasn't harboring a slight feeling of terror over the prospect of hearing there are baby Tres and Cuatro in there! More details are sure to come!! :)


Tracy Kosofsky said...

Oh, Amy - these are SOOOO adorable!!!!! Very impressive! :)

Becky said...

Those are so stinking cute, Amy! Wonderful! I'm sure your friends will be thrilled with the gifts! :D

Good luck at the doctor/ultrasound today. (hugs)

Stacey said...

Wow! You are sooo stinking creative!!!!! Those are adorable!